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Building On Trust

About Ranger

Ranger Heating and Air Conditioning Products Inc. was organized in 2003 by Gerald Schlarb to meet his vision of providing solutions to the industry including specialty manufacturing of short run systems. Since then Ranger Heating & Air Conditioning Products Ins has grown from Gerald’s vision into a family owned and operated business. 

Ranger has a collective experience of 135 years and is organized into five segments to cost effectively meet their customers’ expectations:

Standard water- and air-cooled split and package units from 1 – 10 tons nominal capacity.

Custom designed short run replacement units.

Specialty solution design and manufacturing solutions for low-ambient conversion of nominal systems including wind screens, hoods and electronic bypasses.

Custom sheet metal design using industry leading 3D modeling and design software.

Metal fabrication (Job Shop) with trained professionals using modern industry leading equipment consisting of a Fiber Laser, Electric Press Brake and Hybrid Press Brake equipped with offline programing and monitoring. We also offer MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Spot Welding, Clinching, Riv-Nutting and powder coating. 


Ranger can supply a cost-effective solution for your needs as it has for its customers some of those customers including Mitsubishi Electric, LG Electronics, Airtron, and Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technologies. Solutions have included windscreens, low ambient logic bypasses, high rise condominium fan coils and heat pumps and specialty designs when standard off the shelf equipment is not available.We offer a complete line of packaged and split system water cooled units ranging from 1 ton up to 10 tons. All water source equipment can be provided as a cooling only model or a heat pump model. Water cooled units and heat pumps are available in a vertical floor mounted or a horizontal ceiling hung configuration. Ranger vertical units offer a compact foot print, and all ceiling hung units are incorporated into a low-profile cabinet allowing either unit to be specified when narrow and shallow space restrictions are present.

Specializing in manufacturing replacement units for high rise residential applications allows Ranger to be flexible when providing you with exact choice and preferences when specifying units for replacement. Whether you select a unit from our standard production catalog or require a new or replacement unit to be completely researched and developed, Ranger has the team to solve your problem. Utilizing custom manufactured units avoids costly renovations and modifications to water, drain and electrical connections. Retro fit units are designed to exact standards which allow them to be installed in a fraction of the time. We offer many replacement units and chassis for existing air conditioners that are no longer available by the original manufacturer. 


Whether you are specifying a Ranger product for a new or replacement project, or require a special unit designed for a custom application, you will be assured that your Ranger unit will operate and perform reliably the way it was engineered to. All Ranger units apply engineering technology that has been utilized in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning operating systems for decades. Employing “off the shelf” components, sourced at any HVAC wholesaler, ensures availability of replacement parts. Ranger incorporates the latest efficiency advances into each and every product. Many safety protection devices and components that are optional or commonly only found on costly commercial HVAC equipment are standard features on every unit. Reliable, proven manufacturing and engineering techniques combined with stringent quality control program results in an affordable, reliable air conditioning product. 

Ranger started designing and supplying solutions for low ambient conversions 18 years ago with mechanical logic bypass controllers and windscreens. Ranger has since grown its business to include custom design and manufacturing of windscreens, snow hoods/ plenums, and electronic low ambient logic bypass controls as well cabinets for multiple customers across the industry.

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